Section and pipe bending machines


This entry-level machine is suitable for bending of tubes and profiles.
RB702 has a straightening device which can be fold-down and adjusted for vertical and horizontal works.

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This bending machine is as well suitable for bending of tubes and profiles. But it has a higher engine capacity, so work pieces with higher dimensions can be treated with this machine. Furthermore it is able to work on U-shape profiles.

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RB705A / RB705

This hydraulic bending machine has the same advantages as RB702 and RB703. In addition it has special straightening rollers for working on angle iron and three driven rollers. The upper roller can be adjusted hydraulically. U-shapes can be treated as well. This bending machine is available in two different versions; RB705A and as a more powerful machine RB705 for treatment of larger work pieces.

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