RBV20 - for the perfect workflow


Feeding speed

Feed sledge

Nominal output



0-2250 r.p.m.

0-1000 mm/min

10 mm/s

9,0 KW

980 kg

4200 x 2100 x 1700 mm

Special features

Double-sided processing, fully automatic programmable workflow
Pneumatic quick clamping mandrel for short workpiece handling
Maximum material sizes up to Ø 110 mm
Angle drilling automatically adjustable up to 60°
High-powered spindle bearing for higher operating life of the tools
Possible chaining / connecting with controlled fermentation-saws

Basic equipment supplied

2 pieces locking sleeves SK40 ø16 mm
2 pieces special rotary grinder ø 12.15 mm
1 piece locking sleeve SK40 ø 8 mm
1 piece flowdrill ø 5.4 for M6 thread
1 piece thread compensation sleeve
1 piece locking sleeve for M6 thread
1 piece tap former M6
1 set clamping jaws for tube ø 42.4 mm
1 can of flowing paste

Operating features

Tool data base with programmed speed regulation (driller, core cutter, flow drill, tap former)

Profile data base (tube and wall thickness can be programmed)

Easy programming with macro,- repeat- and multiple repeat functions

Possibility to program more posts e.g. in a 10 m tube with the saw-cut calculation

Safety check for tools and axles

Diagnosis function

Remote maintenance (option to buy the VPN-Router in addition)

Programming of program stop, -distance speed in 5 steps programmable

Programmable filing break function (move in - out - in)